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Dr. Daniel Colón-Ramos, Ph.D, Associate Professor at Yale University discusses (in Spanish) his impressive initiative CienciaPR and the notion of tailoring science and education to make it relevant.  The goal is to bring together geographically dispersed scientists to communicate, mentor, educate and promote scientific research in Puerto Rico.  Video courtesy iBiology.org



Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Ph.D., HHMI and faculty member at UC Berkeley discusses (in Spanish) his amazing initiative to set up "twin labs" (laboratorios gemelos).  The goal is to couple labs in Peru with established research institutions in the US to support research in Peru and prevent the brain drain that often exists in many Latin American countries: 


Dr. Carlos Bustamante's objective to create international "twin labs" is featured

      "An expert in single-molecule manipulation techniques, Bustamante runs laboratories both at the University of California, Berkeley, and Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru." The article above discussed Dr. Bustamante's motivations to set up "twin labs", linking labs in his native Peru with established institutions in the United States.

Cooperación transfronteriza en investigación sobre diabetes mellitus tipo 2: México-Estados Unidos

      This report uses a case study approach to describe and analyze the U.S.- Mexico Border Diabetes Prevention and Control Project, a health research cooperation initiative incorporating the participation of federal, state, and local institutions of both countries.  The full Spanish text can be found here.

Lost (and Gained) in Translation-Science and Languages

      An interesting article that discusses how English has become entrenched as the language of science and discusses the pros, cons, and how a multilingual scientist can find greater opportunity.

The Increasing Role of International Cooperation in Science and Technology Research in Mexico

      This is an older article (1994) that discusses the state, and stresses the importance, of scientific collaborations between Mexican and international research institutions.  "It is suggested that the problems caused by smallness in terms of a country's scientific effort, can be overcome by the integration of the country's research into the international scientific environment, especially the scientific centre." Among other results, they found that  "institutions in the northern areas of Mexico [showed] higher percentages of international collaboration than the major centres of Mexican scientific research suggesting that proximity leads to higher levels of cooperation."