Recap of Fall Quarter Events:

  • 9/28/12: Fall Staff Retreat
  • 10/3/14 TWAP Day
  • 10/19/13: HOTC
  • 11/15/14-11/16/14: Training Extravaganza

Project of the Quarter: Safe Medication Disposal Project

Volunteer of the Quarter: Hai Duong

On behalf of the COSA Board, we would like to give you a small gift as a token of our appreciation.

The quarter kicked off with COSA’s first staff retreat at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. With representatives from each of our projects, we immersed in meaningful conversations to discuss expectations and roles for the upcoming year and the purpose of COSA. Through the retreat, the project coordinators were able to bond and learn more about each other while also revisiting their potential impact on the community. The COSA Board members received positive feedback from this event and plan to host another retreat in the spring.

Talk with a Pharmacist Day (TWAP Day), our first health fair of the year, was a collaboration between UCSF COSA and the San Mateo Pharmacist Association held at the Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo. This event was a great opportunity for our projects to reach out to a community outside of San Francisco and provide free health screenings and information. Each of our two screening projects, Project Healthy Heart and Operation Diabetes, screened over 100 patients while our five informational projects, Project AWARE, Project Men’s Health, Generation Rx, GMAP, Project Nutrition, educated over 120 patients in the San Mateo community.

Our last health fair of the quarter was Heart of the City’s Farmer’s Market (HOTC) at the UN Plaza in San Francisco. The farmer's market, also known as the “people’s market", was the first to accept food stamps, WIC, and senior farmer’s market coupons. HOTC provides a great opportunity to reach out to an underserved population and work alongside local vendors with the beautiful backdrop of the city hall. We had seven projects screen and educate over 80 patients, many of whom found the services provided as “great" and “very informative.” Our next HOTC health fair will take place next quarter!

COSA held our annual Training Extravaganza for the first-year pharmacy students this past weekend. A total of approximately ninety P1s were trained in various projects, including two screening projects and ten informational projects. The project coordinators and preceptors worked hard to prepare these student with the adequate information and training to help patients in the near future. We hope that this event was enjoyable for the P1s and a good teaching experience for the project coordinators.


Quotes of the Quarter:

“ I really enjoyed the COSA retreat, so thank you guys for planning the event. I think it is a great idea to get the coordinators and board to be on the same page because we are all working together to help the community.”

-Project Coordinator

A good, informative discussion about Asthma and the importance of seeing and following doctor’s direction.”

– HOTC patient

Stay tuned for upcoming Winter Events:

  • Chinatown Health Fair
  • HOTC
  • ER Taylor Outreach
  • Winter Auction

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