About the Integrative Medicine Network

The Integrative Medicine Network at UCSF believes that alternative medicine is transforming our health care system. We envision a new model of medical practice that incorporates the best of allopathic and alternative therapies. This ideal of integrative medicine is at the forefront of public and professional discourse, and many important questions need to be addressed.  The UCSF Integrative Medicine Network is a multidisciplinary community for current and future leaders in all areas of medicine including medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy. We organize multiple events to educate both students and practicing health care providers about the current trends and themes of integrated medicine.  


Fall Quarter

Every Fall Quarter, we coordinate an elective course available to all UCSF students.  The emphasis is on complementary and integrative medicine, taught through a variety of speakers and practitioners of these fields.  This year we offer a 1.0 elective unit course that covers various topics of alternative and complementary medicine.  Our goal is to spread awareness of these topics through the many schools of health at the UCSF campus.  For the fall 2018 elective, students may enroll in FCM 170.08 "Complementary Paths of Healing," through the student portal.


Spring Quarter

Every Spring Quarter we organize a Forum that is open to both UCSF students and the general public.  Through keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, attendees will examine key issues in alternative and integrative medicine.  

Goals of the Forum include the following:

  • ‚ÄčProvide a broad overview of integrative medicine, and explore different models of integrative health care.
  • Stimulate discussion of innovative research in integrative medicine, including study findings, new approaches, an ethical issues.

  • Elucidate the theory and practice of various alternative therapies.

  • Provide participants a framework within which they can include alternative medicine in an allopathic practice.

  • Students from all UCSF schools can earn 1.0 elective unit for attending the forum by registering through the student portal.  Course numbers will be available as the event draws closer.