I'm a student at UCSF (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, dentistry) and I'd like to get involved with Remedy.  Who do I contact?

We always welcome new volunteers!  Please email remedyucsf@gmail.com or talk to MS2 coordinators for 2013-2014 Stacey Frumm and Chris Cosden.

I am a Remedy bin manager at Moffitt-Long and my bin is full.  How do I get the supplies picked up?

Please email remedyucsf@gmail.com.  We will contact the volunteers for your floor and request a pick up as soon as possible.

I work at Moffitt-Long Hospital and I'd like to get a Remedy bin for my floor.  How can I make that happen?

We'd love to deliver a bin and sign to your floor and start collections.  Thanks for your interest!  Please email remedyucsf@gmail.com and one of our coordinators will be in touch to coordinate a location for the bin.

How do I get more information about starting a chapter of Remedy at my own institution?

Please check out the following resources:

AMSA: http://www.amsa.org/AMSA/Homepage/About/Committees/CEH/EQUIP.aspx

REMEDY at Yale teaching packet request form: http://www.remedyinc.org/ContactForm/default.asp