About Us

SACNAS, the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, is a national organization whose mission is to promote the recruitment, retention and career development of all students interested in the sciences.  As a chapter of the national organization, SACNAS at UCSF is particularly focused on expanding the opportunities available to underrepresented minorities and empowering them to become leaders capable of having a positive impact in our society and in the scientific community. To accomplish this, we organize academic, professional, community service and social activities, creating an enriched environment and support network that serves all of its members and the UCSF community.

We welcome any and all UCSF academic members and those who endeavor to increase the involvement of underrepresented minorities in science and/or those who would like to get involved in our outreach efforts. Everyone is welcome! If you have any questions about our organization or want to learn more about any of our activities (including our professional, social, or community outreach programs), please contact us.


Dr. Renee Navarro, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Outreach

Officer List:

Joselyn Del Cid, President, Graduate Student

Raul Torres, Vice-President, Graduate Student

Melissa Sandoval, Treasurer, Graduate student

Fernando Meza-Guiterrez, Outreach Coordinator, Graduate student