Offices and Committees within UCSF

Sexual Harassment and Conflict Resolution

  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Response at UCSF
  • Guide on what to do if you've been assaulted
  • CARE Advocate Denise Caramgno provides confidential support for anyone at UCSF who has "experienced interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, dating/intimate partner violence, sexual harassment or stalking." 
  • Office of the Ombuds can assist with resolving conflicts through mediation and other services. 

Other Student and Postdoc Groups

  • Science Policy Group
  • Scientists 4 Diversity
  • Graduate Queer Alliance
  • P-Value*, aka P(ostdoc)-Value*, a grassroots movement of postdocs at UCSF
  • Women in MSTP: email to join.
    • Who are we? We are a professional group of women pursuing a M.D./Ph.D's as part of the integrated medical scientist training program (MSTP) at UCSF.
    • A little bit about us: Nationally, only 38% of enrolled M.D./Ph.D. candidates are women. While UCSF is ahead of the curve, women still represent a minority in both M.D./Ph.D programs and academic medicine as a whole. Because of the long duration of training, the complexities of running both a lab and a practice, and discrimination based on reproductive capacity, women with M.D./Ph.D.s  confront a unique set of challenges when choosing a speciality. Our group hopes to address and overcome those challenges as we build careers as physician scientists.

Tools for Promoting Gender Equity in Science

  • Project Implicit: Implicit bias clouds the way we perceive women in science. Try assessing your own biases with Harvard University's implicit association tests on Gender and Science and Gender and Career.
  • Tools for Change in STEM: Professors Mary Ann Mason and Joan C. Williams, of UC Berkeley and UC Hastings College of the Law, have studied the career paths of women in science and identified two key factors that impede women's progress in science: implicit bias and a lack of family friendly policies. 
  • The Pregnant Scholar: An online toolkit from the UC Hastings Center for WorkLife Law that explains how Title IX protects against pregnancy discrimination. Also check out this article with recommendations for how to set up a good parental leave policy within your own lab.
  • Gender Bias Learning Project: Also from the UC Hastings Center for WorkLife Law, this website describes common forms of gender bias women encounter. Check out their Gender Bias Bingo to submit your own stories of bias.

Networking and Advocacy Groups Outside of UCSF

WiLS Social Networking