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  • Category: Academic & Professional
  • Description: The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Student Chapter at the UCSF School of Dentistry strives to promote excellence in all aspects of dental education. We aim to address the need for dental educators, to encourage the pursuit of careers in academia and research, to further post-graduation education /specialty programs, to outreach, mentor and recruit under-represented students into dentistry and to promote oral health. Local activities include: 1) I'm Going To College Day. 3rd graders learn importance of going to college. ADEA provides speaker/demos. 2) Seniors Brush Up. ADEA provides dental screenings, oral health care education to the elderly population. 3) Impressions Conference. Pre-dental undergrads come to UCSF for speakers, dental demos, mock-interviews, personal statement reviews and mentorship. 4) High School Outreach Conference (HSOC). Interprofessional health care conference. Over 300 high school students from diverse/ low-income areas come to UCSF. We aim to expose students to careers in health care.
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    • ADEA
    • community outreach
    • dental screenings
    • oral health education

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