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  • Category: Academic & Professional
  • Description: Delta Sigma Delta is the oldest international professional dental fraternity. Our Chapter at UCSF, Zeta Chapter, was founded on October 23, 1891. Today, Delta Sigma Delta currently has 32 Undergraduate chapters in the US and 34 Graduate chapters worldwide - all of whom possess the qualities of Knowledge, Strength, and Justice. The faculty, alumni, and student members here at Delta Sigma Delta Zeta Chapter embody the true spirit of Brotherhood. All of the Delta Sigma Delta Brothers keep this Brotherhood strong with their burning desire to serve. The Zeta Chapter fosters an environment of scholastic, professional, and social growth which develops leaders to advance the profession of dentistry. With a strong network of brothers who are faculty, alumni, students in specialty programs, and students in dental school, we take pride in supporting ALL dental students during their careers here at UCSF.
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